current graduate students:

Susana Diaz

Ana Maria Ulloa Gomez

Li-Kai Lin

Sabrina Huang (internship Cook Biotech)

Yen-Yu(Winston) Chen (internship SensiTech Boston)

Shoumya Nandy Shuvo

Pengyu Xu

Former Group Members:

Aytekin Uzunoglu (currently Assistant Professor at Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering,Necmettin Erbakan University,Konya, TURKEY)

Mahdi Dehestani (currently postdoc in Sandhage group, Purdue University)

Seon-ah Jin (currently at Oakridge National Laboratory)

Michael Heiden (currently at Sandia National Laboratory)

Sonal Padalkar (currently Assistant Professor at Iowa State University)

Ravi Sinha (currently University of Twente, Netherlands)

Yu-Ho Won (currently at Samsung)

Jeremy Schaffer (currently at Fort Wayne Metals)

Alexandra Snyder (currently at Michellin)

Hangyu Zhang (currently professor at Dalian University, China)

Heehun Bae

Andrew Rosenberger (currently at DePuy)

Emily Walker (currently at Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Robert Colby (subsequently at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

Jasmine Albelda (currently faculty member at Philippine Normal University)

Amy Griggs (currently at Cook Biotech)


We have active collaborations across Purdue, the U.S. and abroad. Working together is the pathway to maximum impact! Collaborators at Purdue include but are not limited to: Dr. Richard Kuhn (Biology, director of PI4D), Dr. Lisa Mauer (Food Science, Director of the Purdue Center of Food Safety Engineering), Dr. Amanda Deering (Food Science), Dr. George Chiu (Mechanical Engineering), Dr. Jan Allebach (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Dr. J.C. Rochet (Pharmacy), Dr. Yung Shin (Mechanical Engineering), Dr. Alejandra Magana (Purdue Polytechnic Institute), Dr. Edwin Garcia (Materials Engineering), Dr. Eric Nauman (Mechanical Engineering), Dr. David Johnson (Materials Engineering), Dr. Hayian Wang (Materials Engineering). We actively collaborate with research groups and institutions abroad, including institutions in Colombia, Brazil, France and Spain.

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